Guo Min Da Sheng Huo

  (Public Date:2019-04-02, Views:2279)

Cast List:

Producer / project person: Liu Biao
Screenwriters: Wang Liping, Lu Qi, Zhang Yang
Director: Xia Xiaoyun
Starring & other creators: Zheng Kai, Yuan Shanshan, Zhu Xiaotian, Liu Jia
Project progress: completed in the first quarter of 2017
Slogan: live seriously, live bravely and have a good life


The play tells the urban love story of Wang Shuwang, a young man from Beijing, and Lu Lu, a girl from Shanghai. Wang Shuwang and Lulu met and fell in love with each other in Thailand. When they returned to China, they were ready to get married but were opposed by their families. Wang Shuwang gave up his career in Beijing and came to Shanghai to prove that he could give Lulu a better life, but he was not recognized by Lulu's family. Lu Lu met a big star Chun yuiu in her work. Chun Yuqiu liked Lu Lu Lu's optimistic and progressive attitude towards life and pursued her. Lu Lu and Wang Shuwang finally came together after experiencing the test from family, friends, career and other aspects.

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