The Red Flag Thrown into West Wind

  (Public Date:2019-04-02, Views:5637)

Cast List:

Producer / project person: Gu Xiaoqing
Screenwriters: Fan Shengzhen, Zhang Weiwei, Wang Shuxin
Director: Wang Fei
Starring: Zhang Su, LV Yi, Ji He, Feng Bai, fan Lingzi, Jiang Jun
Other creators: special Acting: Zhang Jiayi
Broadcast platform: Oriental TV, pptv Juli, iqiyi, LETV
Project progress: broadcast on October 21, 2016
Producers: Shaanxi culture investment film and television, SMG Pictures


Based on the revolutionary history of Shanxi from 1927 to 1949, the play tells the revolutionary stories of several young people from Shanxi to Yan'an and from Yan'an to the whole of China.

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