Special Effects Makeup Artist

  (Public Date:2019-04-02, Views:5265)

Cast List:

Producer / project person: Gu Xiaoqing
Screenwriters: Yang Bifeng, Lin Chunhua
Directors: Qu Youning, pan Jingcheng
Starring: Tan songyun, Zhang Danfeng, Ying Haoming, Dai Chao
Project progress: completed in the first quarter of 2017
Producers: Lizhou Xingyu film and television media, SMG Pictures, Shanghai Gangtai film and television media Co., Ltd., China National Television Corporation, Shanghai Magic Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Shanghai litte Marketing Co., Ltd.
Slogan: the first fashion idol drama with special effect makeup as theme in China


The play tells the story of Wang Yi, a master of specialization who is good at disguise and never shows his true face, and Chen Zhen, a rookie of specialization who never disguises and has a chivalrous dream.

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