Sanctions Alliance

  (Public Date:2019-04-03, Views:3083)

Cast List:

Producer / project person: Liu Biao
Directors: Liang Guoguan, Zheng Yi, Li Yonghui
Starring: he Shengming, Chen Hao, Lin Shijie, Hong Jianing, fan Lingzi, Ma Dezhong
Supervised by: Jiyang
Project progress: about to broadcast
Producers: SMG Pictures, heli Chenguang, Youku


The play tells of the beautiful sea blue city becoming a colony of the Western Union. A mysterious organization of the sanctions alliance, which has been hidden in the folk, has taken the mission of upholding justice and controlling the tyranny, continuously assassinating many key members of the Western alliance, making the Western alliance's rule in Hailan City faltering. The Western alliance leader has also sent a powerful shadow organization to fight against it. A thrilling assassination and anti assassination operation has been launched in this way.

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